“Got any acceptances yet??”

If you are anything like me, and had difficulty garnering interview invites and ultimately acceptances, you hate hearing this. From friend, family, anyone. Not only is it a constant reminder of your lack thereof interviews or acceptances (or you were put on the seemingly doomed “waitlist”), but you have to deal with the uncomfortable and icky thought of possibly re-applying next year.

This is where I am at this point of my application process. I applied in summer of 2013, had waited almost a whole year, now in spring 2014, and I have yet to receive an acceptance. I have been playing the waiting game for quite a while, and am waiting to see if I will “win” and get an acceptance. I am remaining optimistic, because worrying and feeling bad for yourself won’t help you (I’ve learned that now), but I am also being prudent and preparing for another application cycle.


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