“Keepin’ it organized” – How to Keep Track of Medical Schools That You Applied To

If you applied to a myriad of schools, in-state, out-of-state, private, public, etc., it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the schools that you applied to, not to mention your log-in information for each school. It gets especially muddled when you start receiving secondaries and need to prioritize completing the ones you received earlier over the ones you received later.

Working at an office has made me inclined to use Excel for organizing many everything in my life. So naturally, I created a “medical school spreadsheet” to keep track of all the schools I applied to, which included key information about each school so that I have a ready one-sheeter when I need to pull up information about a school. I’m not WordPress savvy, so I don’t know how, if its possible, to link a spreadsheet so you can just download it. So I’m just going to list the columns I had in my spreadsheet for what I thought was pertinent information for keeping track of each school and my status at each school:

  • Medical School
  • Contact Info – address of admissions office, contact person, phone, and email
  • Log-in Info– your username, password, or PIN (if applicable) for the school’s online portal
  • School Link – link to the online portal where you can check the status of your application. Note that some schools don’t have online portals, and communicate exclusively via e-mail.
  • Date AMCAS submitted – the date you designated the school on the AMCAS website (a.k.a. the date you submitted your primary to the school). I didn’t submit my primary AMCAS application to all the schools on the same day. I applied to a bunch, then researched some more schools, and applied to a few more later on)
  • 2ndary Invite Date – the date you were invited to fill out the secondary
  • 2ndary Return Date – the date you submitted your secondary to the school
  • 2ndary Completion Date – the date the school confirmed your secondary application as being complete (which is NOT the same as the date you submitted your secondary b/c schools still need to process your payment; this column is also good to confirm if you have indeed completed all parts of the secondary, which saved me when I applied to UCD)
  • 2ndary Fee – this column is optional, but I like to keep track of my finances and know how much I’m spending for applying to each school
  • Interview Date – the date of your interview (yay!)
  • Status– this is an important column for keeping track of where you are in the review process with the school. Schools usually keep you updated about your application (via online portal and/or email), such as if it is “under review”, or you have been “waitlisted” (pre or post interview), or “small-pooled” which means they have narrowed you down to be among others in which they will choose to extend interview invites to. It might be helpful to actually put this column right beside the Medical School column.
  • Notes – this is a sort of catch-all column, but it proved very useful to me. I put tidbits about the school, like what made it different from other schools, useful links, or if it was OOS (out-of-state) friendly, etc.

Your tracker might look something like this…


Of course, this list can be modified according to the person and their preference for how they want to keep track of medical schools. But this was sufficient for me to keep track of my application status at every step of the process. Hope this was helpful!


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