Applying to Medical School

These blog posts contain information about applying to medical school. In particular, what I did, and what I learned from applying ⇒

« “This isn’t even the hardest part” – Deciding between MCAT Classes vs. Self-Studying »

« Test-Prep Books I Used to Prepare for the MCAT »

« “To retake or not retake” – Should You Retake the MCAT? »

« “Not all made the same” – How I Chose Which Medical Schools to Apply To »

« “Keepin’ it organized” – How to Keep Track of Medical Schools That You Applied To »

« “It’s an investment” – The Whopping Cost of Applying to Medical School »

« 5 Inspiring Tips for Moving On from Anxiety (while waiting to hear back from medical schools) »

« “Hindsight is always 20/20″ – What I Learned From Applying to Medical School »

 More coming soon…


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